Trabajos en Fachada Hotel Gala

Hotel Gala BCN Facade

Design, production and implementation of outdoor signage/poster boards in Gala BCN Hotels. Stainless steel with laser-etched logo.

Set itinerante RAC1 (1)

RAC1 Portable Sets

Portable radio studio desk, manufactured using aluminum modules which can be connected in various ways in order to adapt to the many different spaces used in remote radio broadcasts.  The design includes a large frame for interchangeable posters and / or printed logos in the front part of the desk. Is usually accompanied by Crazy Wall® photocall-type textile displays and additional outdoor signage elements, such as flying banners or custom foam cubes.


Stand Medtronic

Medtronic Stand

Reusable stand for Medtronic, adaptable to different surfaces. Measures 6x2m with two walls and custom furniture. Reusable signage/poster space, allowing for reuse at other conferences.

Covidien Set de entrevistas


Interview set with wall banner textile displays. Measures 4m2  for streaming broadcast.

Studex stand

Studex Stand

Reusable stand with a modular aluminum frame structure and surface area of 20m2. Covered with fabric printed by sublimation (covering 100% of the fabric’s surface). Includes a reusable arc from the same system with display counters for maximum product exposure, and a display window custom designed for the event.

Superficie: 20m2. Mostrador – vitrina diseñado para el Evento.

HT Instruments

HT Instruments

Reusable Matelec stand with a 40m2 surface area. Printed by sublimation to allow for 100% coverage of the surface area. The highlight of the display is a 5-meter-high illuminated central column. Fully reusable and adaptable to smaller spaces. Includes a hanging ceiling “pendant” to better highlight the brand. Built using the Tenso System, printed on stretched fabric with a silicon perimeter, also reusable.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health

Reusable stand created for the International Surgery Conference. 3x2m surface area with two printed walls,  also suitable for reuse in other events. Exhibit produced ad hoc for compression products.


BDB Médica

Completely illuminated stand, 3m2 surface area. Built with large format reusable light boxes connected at right angles, and an interior LED lighting system. 100% printable surface area. Reusable for future events.