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A textile display is a folding aluminum structure accompanied by printed signage that focuses on communicating the values and key messages of your brand at a trade fair or any other event, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.


The job of a fabric display is to attract and hold potential clients’ attention; to make an impression on the hundreds of visitors that make the rounds of the numerous stands at a trade fair. A good textile display should provide visibility and reinforce a positive brand image, as well as encourage new business contacts and create a welcoming sales environment.


Textile displays represent a whole new concept for exhibiting your brand at trade fair and events, and are based on 5 fundamental ideas:


  • The novelty and flexibility offered by the different sizes and formats available, ranging from hanging displays to portable counter displays.
  • Fast and simple assembly, which gives the textile display a versatility ideal for companies that participate in numerous events and trade fairs.
  • The robustness and stability provided by the textile banners’ tubular aluminum frame.
  • The high-resolution double-sided printing via the process of sublimation, with invisible seams and frames that are completely covered. This gives the stands a 100% “finished” look, whether viewed from the front or from the back.
  • The savings. A standardized advertising support which is tailored to your brand but not to a specific trade fair, your textile display can be reused again and again for years to come, in many different situations. The printed fabric posters are washable at up to 30°C.

Textile displays can be used for any type of event, trade fair or conference. Our clients include companies from diverse sectors: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, manufacturing, sports, leisure, communication, entertainment, among others.


The different textile display options that we offer with Crazy Wall® are designed to be flexible in order to adapt to any last-minute changes or needs that might come up in each type of event.


For example, in crowded trade fairs, hanging displays or ceiling pendants provide visibility from all angles of the event grounds so that your stand never goes unnoticed.


In other cases, an event may take place outside. For open-air events we offer weather-resistant outdoor solutions, such as inflatable advertising tents, folding tents, inflatable columns and doors, or flying banners.

Advantages to consider when designing your stand with textile displays versus traditional stands:


  • They are more flexible and therefore adapt better than a traditional stand to any available space.


  • They adapt to small and medium surface areas of around 20 – 30 square meters.


  • They are reliable. We offer a range of standardized formats so there will be no surprises when your order arrives at your office or is delivered to the trade fair. The look and finish will always be the same.


  • Steps in the exposition supply chain are eliminated, thus saving you money.


  • Textile displays do not require technical knowledge for installation. In addition, textile banner set up does not require tools and can be assembled in just a few minutes.


  • The textile display can come equipped with its own lighting system (optional).


  • Assembly of custom furniture displays do not require a permit from the event organization, with the exception of ceiling pendants, which must follow the regulations established by the trade fair in question.


  • The textile display can be comfortably transported in a nylon bag or in a case that may double a counter display.


  • They create an impeccable visual impression, as they are printable on 100% of their surface area and the support structure is invisible.


The printed material can be washed, so your displays will always be in top form for your events. In addition, different signage can be affixed to the same textile display. The posters are completely reusable and interchangeable, so you don’t have to choose between designs.

Ceiling pendants for events are hanging banners that bring elegance and visibility to your brand from any vantage point in a trade fair, event or point of sale. They weigh between 25 and 50 kg each, have a 100% printable surface area, and can be assembled without using tools. In addition, they come equipped with anchors in the upper part of the structure, so you can easily hang them from the roof of any event location.

Foam furniture stands out for its versatility and dynamism.


This custom furniture is made of high-quality polyurethane foam  encased in a water-resistant textile cover. 100% of its surface area is printable, thanks to the process of printing by sublimation.


Foam furniture is a unique visual support for promotional campaigns and marketing pushes. They are an attractive and effective advertising tool for exhibitions, shows, trade fairs and events of all kinds. Combine various custom pieces to create even greater visual impact.

Foldable textile counter displays, also known as pop-up counters, portable counters, textile counters or portable fabric counters, stand out for their lightness (only weighing between 5 to 8 kg), for their innovative design and for their ease of use.


A foldable textile counter display can be transported in a small bag or in a suitcase and can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds. In fact, some of our textile counter models set up and break down by themselves.


Thanks to these textile counters, you will always be prepared to attend to potential customers, with the support of the strong visual brand identity of your company.

Our catalogue of textile displays for outdoor events includes inflatable advertising tents, folding tents, inflatable columns and doors, and flying banners, and more.


These textile displays are resistant to water and wind, so they are a great failsafe to have when you might be exposed to a meteorological surprise.

The first thing to keep in mind when ordering your textile display is, once the model and its dimensions have been chosen, the original design must be carefully mapped out based on these choices so it can be printed.


We can provide you with design templates for all Crazy Wall® models and sizes, in which we clearly specify design criteria so that the printing of your message or logo turns out perfectly.


Some elements to take into account are safety margins, the treatment of the images, the layout of the text, the proportions of the model you’ve chosen, and so on.


The process of ordering a textile display consists of only four steps:


  1. Send us your official order, or your approved budget, including the purchase details: tax information, delivery deadline, payment method, et cetera.


  1. Ask your commercial advisor for the design template corresponding to the Crazy Wall® model you have chosen. Create your original design according to the model’s parameters.


  1. Send us your original artwork via a download link.


  1. Once your artwork is verified and approved, all you have to do is wait to receive your order within the agreed-on delivery period.

The Crazy Wall®  is a very special textile display, so we take great care in its production. Our textile displays are first printed by sublimation, transferred, and then put together according to each model’s specifications. Next, we doublecheck the result of each to ensure that your delivery is of the highest quality.


The standard delivery time of our textile displays is12 working days under normal circumstances.

The range of available Crazy Wall® textile displays is very wide, in order to accommodate your different needs. We offer everything from small textile banners that measure 60 centimeters in width, to 5×5 meter pass-through tunnels, to giant background “walls” or dividers of up to 6 meters in length.


As a result of our products’ diversity, the price also varies. You can have your Crazy Wall®  for only 190€  for smaller banner-type formats, 650€ for medium-sized models, and from 900€  for larger formats.


Crazy Wall® textile displays are built around lightweight tubular structures that are assembled and disassembled in less than ten minutes and can be easily folded. This feature allows you to transport and move them from event to event with ease. When you buy one of our textile displays, you will also receive a flexible nylon carrying bag so that you can comfortably travel with your textile banner.


You can also choose to add on a hard case with wheels, which can then be converted into a counter display on the spot, or, if you purchase one of our new Crazy Wall Prime models, super-slim trolley cases are also available.


Thanks to these alternatives, you can conveniently and easily move your display from one place to another.

You can reuse the structure of your textile display as many times as you like. As the display is printed using high-resolution sublimation on washable elastic fabric, you can clean and then reuse the same signage, or print an alternative design which also fits your display’s tubular structure. This way you can adapt the messages of your brand to each event in which your company participates.

Yes indeed! The printed material of your textile folding stand are completely reusable. This is an important feature of our textile displays: taking into account that their shapes can be adapted to various exhibition spaces, you can use them on numerous occasions in multiple settings. We are committed to providing you with the highest print quality in order to guarantee a long life for your Crazy Wall® reusable stands. You can wash the printed fabric at up to 30ºC, so they can look their best at all of your events!

Of course! Our template-based design system adapts to the shape and size of the textile display model you’ve chosen. You can order various posters with different messages, with the assurance that all of them will fit the structure of your display.


This can be particularly useful in the case of multinational brands, or for companies that have a presence in trade fairs in different countries: each of your offices can use our online system to design its own poster(s), all will the same dimensions and based on the same template, and with the same level of top quality guaranteed.

The only real requirement is to keep in mind the shape of the Crazy Wall® that you have chosen. It is very important to place the logo, slogan, product info, and other important text in the areas that are most visible, never near the edges of the textile display.


Whenever possible, we recommend using photographs or vector images with a lot of color. This makes the final finish of our high-resolution posters even more striking.


Another important tip: Stick with simplicity. Create unique and readable messages, instead of including a dense block of text that is difficult to read and could make a potential client lose interest in your textile banner. Less is more!

Yes! Whether you choose a hanging display, a flying banner or an inflatable advertising tent, you can wash your posters at temperatures of up to 30ºC, leaving them as good as new. This is an advantage that dramatically extends the useful life of each textile display, thereby making your investment in stands for your events much more profitable.


If you like, we can clean them for you. You can opt for our printed fabric washing service, which includes tents, flying banners and Everest banners, counter display prints and Crazy Wall®  and Crazy Wall Prime printed fabric.

While it is true that one of the main advantages of textile displays is that they are reusable, it is important to properly care for and store your promotional displays, so as not to encounter an unpleasant surprise a few days before an important trade fair. To make things easier, we want you to take advantage of the benefit of our over fifteen years of experience in the business: we offer you storage, repair and preservation service of textile displays, whether they are Crazy Wall® brand products, or other products purchased by our competition.


Specifically, we store your textile displays in our facilities in Barcelona. We clean, repair and prepare them so that they are in perfect condition for your next conference or commercial presentation. When the event is over, we carefully review all displays before storing then again, so your products are ready for the next time that you need them.


In addition, we offer a printed fabric washing service, which can clean tents, flying banners and Everest banners, portable counters and Crazy Wall® and Crazy Wall Prime printed products.


These services allow Crazy Wall® to help you preserve the positive image of your company by professionally reviewing your material before the textile display or the pop-up counter display arrives at the event site.

Our storage, repair and preservation service for textile displays includes the following advantages:


  • Maintenance of your folding displays.
  • Storage and preservation of textile displays.
  • Cleaning and logistics for reusable stands.
  • Tune-ups and readjustments of reusable stands.
  • Textile banners always in good condition.
  • Repair of textile displays.
  • Monitoring your folding materials through electronic inventory.
  • Washing of textile prints for Crazy Wall®.
  • Repair and replacement of all elements of your folding materials and reusable stands.
  • Preparation of packing slips and monitoring of pick-up and drop-off of your portable stands and textile displays at events.


Find out what our maintenance service can do for you.


Just a few minutes!  One of the main benefits of using a foldable textile display instead of a conventional stand is the short assembly and disassembly time. It is never advisable to rush when setting up for an event but imagine if something unexpected happens and you only have ten minutes to set up your stand at a trade fair. With Crazy Wall® textile displays, you would still be ready on time!


But not all of our textile displays can be assembled in ten minutes. With certain models, connecting the different tubular parts of the frame and wrapping it with the custom zippered fabric takes only a minute and a half.


The height of speed in quick assembly is The Magic Counter, a folding textile counter display that is designed to set up automatically. You only have to wait five seconds to start serving your customers!

Easy handling and transport is one of the strengths of any Crazy Wall® textile display. All our advertising media for events – from stand background “walls” and large-format banners to inflatable columns and photocalls – can be transported in a nylon bag with handles, which comes included with your order. In the case of certain products like our portable counters, the product also comes with a suitcase that allows you to take it anywhere.

Aerial textile displays are literally and figuratively at the top of any trade fair or event. Their appearance is spectacular, but that does not mean that their assembly is complicated. On the contrary!


The process of setting up a hanging display is practically the same as with any other textile display. You have to join and connect the various tubes to create the frame, and then cover the structure with the elastic fabric, printed on one or both sides.


One you have your stand assembled, make sure to check that the structure includes anchors with which to hang the textile display from the roof of the event location. No tools required!

Our foldable textile counters assemble themselves! Simply open the case that contains the folding textile counter. You only have to wait five seconds for it to unfold, and then it’s ready to go.

To assemble a textile banner or any of the Crazy Wall® textile displays, please follow these steps:


  1. Identify the components included in the nylon bag.
  2. Place the two base pieces of the frame on the ground and insert the vertical poles.
  3. Connect the pieces which have corresponding numbers.
  4. Cover the frame with the elastic fabric piece, inserting it in the structure from top to bottom.
  5. Stretch the fabric until you reach the bottom of the structure.
  6. Attach the zipper, and zip it starting at the bottom.


Your textile display is assembled and ready!