The 4 realities that companies live with every day when planning their events

Our extensive experience in the world of events added to innumerable hours working in collaboration with our over 1,300 treasured clients have led us to several conclusions:

1) Managing events and the materials involved is not easy

2) Working around short production timelines and hard deadlines (the start date of the event), makes any unforeseen problem or error extremely stressful and expensive to resolve.

3) The responsibility for selection and maintenance of the promotional materials that form an integral part of an event often falls on the shoulders of busy marketing and advertising professionals, who have very little time to dedicate to it.

4) Having a trusted comprehensive provider of these necessary materials is the key to optimizing investment and reducing the stress generated by trade fairs, professional conferences, presentations, training sessions…

Therefore, we developed the Eventology Method, which is based on three fundamental principles:

The 3 fundamental principles for your event

Advisory service to obtain the best possible results

We offer an in-depth event materials advisory service, beginning with guiding you through our catalogue of the best and most varied selection of folding products on the market, and continuing with post-purchase storage options, maintenance, updates, even transportation and handling when necessary.

Producing the perfect public image

With your folding materials and stands. We produce, monitor, and supervise everything step by step until your materials are perfectly assembled at your event. We offer everything from help and advice in the design of your original promotional displays, to the availability of the most current and extensive catalogue of materials on the market, to product assembly tutorials, assembly and handling training sessions and much more.

Complete product management so you don’t have to worry

We put in your hands our proposal for comprehensive management of your folding materials: production, storage, piece by piece maintenance, preparation and/or assembly.

The Eventology Method is aimed at two fundamental objectives:


With the right products and experience it’s possible to avoid making mistakes or bad decisions, and consequently the last-minute race to correct them.


Proper storage and care of your materials extends their useful life, so you can reuse them again and again in future events and campaigns. You won’t have to invest in new materials for a long time to come.