Although you might not have heard of us by name, we’ve always been there: in stores, in trade fairs and conferences. You might be curious to find out how we developed our "Eventology Method.” Let us take you on a brief journey through our company’s history.


In 2003 Displaymania was born with the idea of offering clients the most complete catalogue of folding events materials available at the time.

We traveled throughout Europe and formed alliances with the main manufacturers of promotional displays and reusable stands in Germany, Denmark, Holland, England and Turkey, and pioneered the introduction of a number of innovative products.

Back when wooden frames were still the industry standard, we built reusable aluminum stands. When L banners and pop-up displays were the norm, we were the first to offer large-format textile banners.


Our passion throughout the years has been collaborating with our clients in the creation and management of folding materials and stands in order to achieve the best possible results for their events. This commitment to seeing our clients through the entire process eventually evolved into the creation of a unique comprehensive service called EVENTOLOGY that covers everything: from the selection and purchase of folding promotional products, to their storage, maintenance, updating, even transport and assembly when necessary.


Displaymania’s strategic direction is handled by Rosabel Gutiérrez and Jordi Nacenta, two marketing professionals each with over than 20 years of experience in the events sector. Together they have widened the search for new markets, products, and services while simultaneously piloting the digital transformation of the company.


We are proud to be in the forefront of our field, most recently as pioneers of textile tubular displays with our Crazy Wall® product line. These products represent a  revolution in the world of displays, banners and photocalls, and have completely transformed the market.

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We can help you find a solution to many of your exhibition needs. We have the experience, the range of products, and we offer to take care of your displays with as much care and attention as if you were doing it yourself.